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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

instant paying sites.


Here I have some best instant paying sites, who pays you instantly after you reach the minimum payout. Most of them have minimum payout 2$, 1$, 3$, 5$ and also 0.5$, please check all of them and try to earn money through these sites. None of below claims to make rich fortnight. Every site needs time, and work, if you are new one, or free member, then don't be hesitated, just join all of them, and work two to three hours, to click the advertisements, and you will see, after month where you are. In some sites, you can upgrade via alertpay, you can get money via alertpay, if you don't want to invest money, then just work for a month, and earn money, and then if think that any site is appropriate regarding upgradation, then upgrade via alertpay (Means earn with all sites, and then choose the appropriate site and upgrade). You can also rent referrals via cash you earn from sites, (means you can convert your cash into rental balance). Good luck.

This site is cool site, with 1$ minimum payout.

this site is very good site, but the click ratio is very low,

This site is also a good site, and payments are instant.

This site is cool site, click ratio is low.

this site is very good site, click ratio is normal, and pay instant.

BuX.ee: You Will Succeed With Us!
This site is recommended, good site, pay instant.

This site has very low click ratio, but good site, pay within 24 hours.

This is also a good site, minimum payment is 4$, click ratio 0.01/click.

This is also a good site, recommended, honest admin, pay instant.

Good site, but if you are free member then you will have to work for long time.

New site, click ratio is very low, need work hard..

Good new bux site.

Recommended, cool site, with instant payment.

Cool site.

This is cool site, click ratio and advertisement is good, but they pay to verified members of alertpay.

Again good ptc site.

Like the name, it is fair hits site.

WordLinx - Get Paid To Click
Good site, but need work hard.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Make dollar online at Home.


My name is Raheel Rehman, and I have brought some trusted PTC sites which give you money and by registration / signups and then clicking advertisements in those sites you can start earning money. In the beginning, if you are new for PTC sites, you can face some problems, if it so, then you can post comments for further help, I will try to give you all answers as soon as possible. I can also tell you many things which will help you to increase your earnings Below are the links / banners for your interest.

By clicking this you can make an account in which you can receive your money from the ptc sites, and you can also use this site for upgradation of your accounts so that you can earn more money.

After registration in alertpay, which is recommended, you can click the links below and can start earning a little amount then it will be a begining for you to meet your expenses.

This site is recommended, and you can earn much more than other sites, they give you real money, by referring your friends you can earn more, you can see the proof in the forum of the site.

This site is also cool site, please click to join it, to earn money.

This site is also recommended, because you can get as much referrels as you can, there is no restrictions for referrels. Refer your friends and family members to join this site.

this is pakistani based site, which also gives real money, copy and paste the link in the browser.

This site is also cool, easy to join and a lot of methods to earn money.

there are several ptc sites, but these sites have no referrel restrictions, and these are also my trusted sites, the other sites are in queue that are remain to test whether they are fruitful or otherwise. Thanks and keep working hard to earn money from right ways.